Course Title Language $ Price
1, 3 Butadiene English $14.00
13 Carcinogens English $14.00
Bloodborne Pathogen Awareness R2 English $14.00
Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety Awareness R2 English $14.00
Confined Spaces in Construction Awareness English $14.00
Container Labeling R2 English $14.00
Defensive Driver Awareness English $14.00
Diversity in the Workplace English $14.00
Electrical Safety Awareness R2 English $14.00
Emergency Action Planning Awareness R2 English $14.00
Ergonomics Awareness English $14.00
Fall Protection Awareness R2 English $14.00
Fatigue Management for Employees English $14.00
Fire Prevention Awareness English $14.00
Forklift Hazard Awareness English $14.00
Gas Monitoring and Calibration English $14.00
General Housekeeping on the Jobsite English $14.00
Hazcom Awareness R2 English $14.00
Hexavalent Chromium Awareness R2 English $14.00
Housekeeping Awareness R2 English $14.00
Industrial Hygiene Awareness R2 English $14.00
Intro to Heavy Construction Safety and Health English $14.00
Introduction to OSHA's Focus Four Hazards English $14.00
Jobsite Safety Orientation R2 English $14.00
Ladder Safety Awareness R2 English $14.00
Personal Protective Equipment Awareness R2 English $14.00
Power Tool Awareness R2 English $14.00
Process Safety Management English $14.00
Respirable Crystalline Silica Awareness in Const. English $14.00
Respiratory Protection Awareness R2 English $14.00
Scaffold Safety Awareness R2 English $14.00
Trenching and Excavation Awareness R2 English $14.00
Working Around Mobile Equipment R2 English $14.00
Working Safely with Electricity English $14.00
Course Title Language $ Price
100 Questions on Electrical Safety English $27.00
100% Fall Protection English $22.00
Accident Prevention Heavy Construction English $22.00
Alcohol & Substance Abuse English $22.00
Asbestos Hazards English $22.00
Back Injury Prevention and Safe Lifting Techniques English $22.00
Bloodborne Pathogens English $22.00
Cold Stress English $22.00
Concrete and Masonry R2 English $22.00
Confined Spaces in Construction: An Introduction English $22.00
Construction Jobsite Safety Orientation R2 English $22.00
Construction Zone Fitness English $22.00
Control of Hazardous Energies English $22.00
Crane Safety Basics English $22.00
Defensive Driving Techniques English $22.00
Demolition Hazards English $22.00
Dust Disturbance and Mitigation English $22.00
Electrical Hazard Recognition and Control English $22.00
Electrical Safety and LOTO English $22.00
Electrical Safety R2 English $22.00
Emergency Action/Response English $22.00
Ergonomics English $22.00
Excavation Safety R2 English $22.00
Exit Routes, EAP/Fire Prevention Plans English $22.00
Fall Protection Equipment English $22.00
Fall Protection in Construction English $22.00
Fire Prevention English $22.00
Focus Four Fatality Prev. Electrocution R2 English $22.00
Focus Four Fatality Prev. Caught Between R2 English $22.00
Focus Four Fatality Prev. Fall Hazards R2 English $22.00
Focus Four Fatality Prevention Struck By R2 English $22.00
Ground Fault Protection in Construction R2 English $22.00
Hand and Power Tools R2 English $18.00
Hazard Communication Advanced (HazCom) English $22.00
Hazardous Waste English $22.00
Heat Stress English $22.00
How to Read a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) English $22.00
Job Hazard Analysis English $22.00
Ladder Safety Training English $22.00
Laser Hazards English $22.00
Lead Hazards English $22.00
Machine Guarding English $22.00
Materials Handling English $22.00
Motorized Mobile Platforms English $22.00
Noise and Hearing Conservation English $22.00
Noise and Hearing Protection English $22.00
Office Ergonomics for All Industries English $22.00
Office Safety English $22.00
Other Construction Health Hazards English $22.00
Personal Protective Equipment English $22.00
Power Tool Use and Guarding English $22.00
PPE Common R2 English $22.00
PPE Specialized R2 English $22.00
Respirable Crystalline Silica in Construction English $36.00
Respirator Basics for All Industries English $22.00
Rigging Safety R2 English $18.00
Safety and Health During Disaster Recovery R2 English $18.00
Safety and Health Programs English $18.00
Scaffold Erection Guidelines English $18.00
Scaffold Erection Guidelines - Spanish Spanish $18.00
Scaffold User Guidelines R2 English $18.00
Signs Signals Barricades English $18.00
Slips, Trips and Falls R2 English $18.00
Soils Analysis and Classification English $18.00
Spray Coating Operations English $18.00
Stairways and Ladders R2 English $18.00
Subpart C General Safety and Health English $18.00
Subpart D Construction Health Hazards English $18.00
Subpart D Occ. Health/Environmental Controls English $18.00
Subpart O Motor Vehicles, Mechanized Equipment English $18.00
Subpart R Steel Erection English $18.00
Sun and Other Outdoor Hazards English $18.00
Trenching and Excavation English $18.00
Trenching and Excavation Practical Applications English $18.00
Tubular Welded Frame Scaffold Erectors R2 English $18.00
Welding/Hot Work English $18.00
Workzone Traffic Control English $18.00
Workzone Traffic Safety Tips English $18.00
Course Title Language $ Price
Accident Investigation English $32.00
Alcohol & Substance Abuse for Supervisors English $32.00
Communicating with Spanish-Speaking Workers English $32.00
Competent Person Excavations  English $32.00
Competent Person, Fall Protection  English $32.00
Conducting Tailgate Meetings English $32.00
Contractor’s Safety & Health Program English $32.00
Drug and Alcohol Training for Supervisors English $32.00
Hazard Communication for Managers & Supervisors English $35.00
Health and Safety Leadership English $32.00
Lead Awareness in Construction English $50.00
Leading Cultural Change English $72.00
OSHA Compliance Basics English $32.00
OSHA Recordkeeping and Reporting English $32.00
Suspicious Mail, Anthrax and Other Concerns English $32.00
The Competent Person English $32.00
Course Title Language $ Price
Asbestos Awareness in Construction English $50.00
Asbestos Awareness in General Industry English $50.00
Asbestos Awareness in Schools English $50.00
EM 385-1-1 8-Hour Awareness Course English $176.00
Employer/Employee Responsibility English $9.00
Forklift Operator Certification English $50.00
HAZWOPER 8-Hour Refresher 2017 – Earn 0.8 CEUs English $51.00
HAZWOPER Supervisor English $51.00
NFPA 70E - A Users Guide to Electrical PPE English $44.00
OSHA 10-Hour CA Construction Course English $61.00
OSHA 10-Hour Construction Course - Earn 1.0 CEUs English $80.00
OSHA 10-Hour Construction Course Spanish Spanish $61.00
OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Course English $52.00
OSHA 10-Hour Road Construction English $52.00
OSHA 30-Hour Construction Course - Earn 3.0 CEUs English $170.00
OSHA HAZWOPER 16-Hour Upgrade – Earn 1.6 CEUs English $114.00
OSHA HAZWOPER 24-Hour Course – Earn 2.4 CEUs English $141.00
OSHA HAZWOPER 40-Hour Course – Earn 4.0 CEUs English $256.00
Rough Terrain Forklift Operator Certification English $50.00
STS Construction Exam Preparation (2016 Updates) English $134.00
Course Title Language $ Price
Alcohol and Substance Abuse - Spanish Spanish $18.00
Bloodborne Pathogens - Spanish Spanish $9.00
Cal Fall Protection Awareness - Spanish Spanish $8.00
Cal Fire Prevention - Spanish Spanish $9.00
Cal PPE Awareness - Spanish Spanish $9.00
Cal Scaffold Safety Awareness - Spanish Spanish $9.00
Cal/OSHA for Construction - Spanish Spanish $9.00
Cal/OSHA Heat Ilness R2 Spanish Spanish $18.00
Concrete and Masonry - Spanish Spanish $18.00
Crane Safety Basics - Spanish Spanish $22.00
Defensive Driver Awareness - Spanish Spanish $14.00
Defensive Driving Techniques - Spanish Spanish $18.00
Diversity in the Workplace - Spanish Spanish $14.00
Electrical Safety - Spanish Spanish $18.00
Electrical Safety Awareness - Spanish Spanish $14.00
Employer/Employee Responsibility - Spanish Spanish $9.00
Ergonomics Awareness - Spanish Spanish $9.00
Fall Protection - Spanish Spanish $18.00
Fall Protection Awareness - Spanish Spanish $18.00
Fire Prevention - Spanish Spanish $18.00
Fire Prevention Awareness - Spanish Spanish $14.00
Flammable and Combustible Liquids Spanish English $18.00
General Housekeeping Awareness - Spanish Spanish $14.00
Housekeeping Awareness R2 English $14.00
Jobsite Safety Orientation - Spanish Spanish $18.00
Ladder Safety Awareness - Spanish Spanish $14.00
Material Handling - Spanish Spanish $18.00
OSHA - An Introduction - Spanish Spanish $31.00
Personal Protective Equipment - Spanish Spanish $22.00
Personal Protective Equipment Awareness - Spanish Spanish $14.00
Power Tool Awareness - Spanish Spanish $9.00
Power Tool Use and Guarding - Spanish Spanish $22.00
Respirable Crystalline Silica Awareness - Spanish Spanish $13.00
Respirable Crystalline Silica in Constr. - Spanish Spanish $36.00
Rigging - Spanish Spanish $18.00
Scaffold Safety Awareness - Spanish Spanish $9.00
Scaffold Users Guidelines - Spanish Spanish $18.00
Spanish Gas Monitoring and Calibration Spanish $9.00
Spanish Hazard Communication Advanced Spanish $25.00
Spanish Hazard Communication Awareness Spanish $15.00
Stairways and Ladders - Spanish Spanish $18.00
Trenching and Excavating Awareness - Spanish Spanish $9.00
Trenching and Excavation - Spanish Spanish $18.00
Working Around Mobile Equipment - Spanish Spanish $9.00
Working Safely with Electricity - Spanish Spanish $14.00
Course Title Language $ Price
Mold Awareness for Facility Operators English $18.00
Mold Contract and Bid Instructions English $18.00
Mold Design and Materials English $18.00
Mold for All other Trades English $32.00
Mold For General Contractors English $50.00
Mold In Construction English $50.00
Mold Information and Training English $18.00
Mold Inspection in Construction English $18.00
Mold Maintenance Procedures English $18.00
Mold Remediation and Restoration English $32.00
Mold Response Actions English $18.00
Mold Training for Contractors English $58.00
Course Title Language $ Price
Driver Pre Trip/Post Trip Vehicle Inspection English $32.00
Drug Testing for Commercial Drivers English $18.00
HAZMAT Bill of Lading English $18.00
HAZMAT Transportation Enhanced Security English $18.00
Hydrogen Sulfide A Toxic and Deadly Gas R2 English $9.00
Retention of DOT Markings English $9.00
Road Construction Common Hazards English $18.00
Road Construction Health Hazards English $18.00
Road Construction Special Hazards English $18.00
Course Title Language $ Price
Acrylonitrile English $9.00
Air Contaminants English $9.00
Ammonia Awareness R2 English $9.00
Asbestos English $9.00
BBP Awareness R2 English $9.00
Benzene English $9.00
Cadmium English $9.00
Cal/OSHA Heat Illness Prevention for Workers English $18.00
Chlorine Awareness R2 English $9.00
Coke Oven Emissions English $9.00
Control of Hazardous Energies, COHE R2 English $9.00
Cotton Dust English $9.00
DBCP English $9.00
Ergonomics for the Floor Employee English $18.00
Ethylene Oxide English $9.00
Fall Prevention and Protection Awareness for GI English $9.00
Fall Prevention and Protection in General Industry English $18.00
Fall Prevention: Guarding Floor and Wall Openings English $9.00
Fed/OSHA Heat Illness Prevention for Workers English $18.00
Flammable and Combustible Liquids English $18.00
Formaldehyde English $9.00
Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories English $9.00
Hexavalent Chromium English $18.00
Information Security Awareness English $50.00
Inorganic Arsenic English $9.00
Introduction to NFPA 70E 2015 English $27.00
Introduction to OSHA English $18.00
Ionizing Radiation English $9.00
Lead English $9.00
Lead Awareness General Industry English $50.00
Materials Handling and Storage, General Industry English $18.00
Methylene Chloride English $9.00
Methylenedianiline MDA English $9.00
NFPA 70E 2015 for Electricians & UGLY’S GUIDE English $54.00
NFPA 70E for Managers and Electricians 2015 English $41.00
NFPA 70E for Qualified Persons English $112.00
OSHA-An introduction English $18.00
Portable Fire Extinguishers English $9.00
Respirable Crystalline Silica Awareness in GI English $13.00
Respirable Crystalline Silica in General Industry English $36.00
Safe Forklift Operation for Operators, Supervisors English $18.00
Slips, Trips, and Falls for General Industry English $18.00
Subpart Z Toxic and Hazardous Substances English $18.00
Vinyl Chloride English $8.00
Walking-Working Surfaces (Supervisors/Managers) English $13.00
Worker Right to Know English $9.00
Workplace Violence English $18.00
Course Title Language $ Price
Cal Concrete and Masonry English $18.00
Cal Confined Spaces in Construction, 2017 Updates English $23.00
Cal Crane Safety Basics English $22.00
Cal Electrical Hazard Recognition/Control English $18.00
Cal Electrical Hazards English $18.00
Cal Fall Protection English $9.00
Cal Fall Protection Awareness English $9.00
Cal Fire Prevention English $9.00
Cal Fire Prevention Awareness English $9.00
Cal Flagger English $50.00
Cal Ground Fault Protection English $18.00
Cal Hand and Power Tools English $18.00
Cal IIPP English $9.00
Cal Materials Handling English $18.00
Cal Personal Protective Equipment Awareness English $9.00
Cal Personal Protective Equipment R2 English $18.00
Cal Practical Trenching English $18.00
Cal Scaffold Erection English $18.00
Cal Scaffold Safety Awareness English $9.00
Cal Scaffold Use English $18.00
Cal Stairs and Ladders English $18.00
Cal Trenching and Excavation English $18.00
Cal/OSHA for Construction English $18.00
Cal/OSHA Heat Illness Prevention English $18.00
Cal/OSHA, An Introduction English $18.00
Course Title Language $ Price
Sexual Harassment Non California Managers English $18.00
Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees English $18.00

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