Confined Spaces for Construction

    Confined Spaces for Construction

    Course Overview

    In this introductory online safety course, you will learn about Confined Spaces for Construction. Find out how to utilize your existing knowledge on confined spaces while learning about new kinds of safety procedures and changing regulations.

    Intended Audience

    This confined spaces online course is intended for all construction workers.
    • Construction Workers
    • Construction Foremen
    • Construction Managers

    Learning Objectives

    In this online safety course, you will be learn how to define and recognize a confined space in a work environment. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be well versed in valuable guidelines and safety plans that, if followed properly, will help prevent accidents and death within the workplace.

    Course Topics

    • Introduction to Confined Spaces
    • Confined Spaces are Deadly
    • Confined Spaces Defined
    • Recognizing a Confined Space
    • Confined Space Permit Required
    • Hazardous Atmospheres
      • What’s in there? What Can Happen to Me?
      • Know What Can Hurt You
      • What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You
      • A Written Permit is Required
      • Don’t Become A Victim
      • Final Considerations


    • Written Permits
    • Isolation
    • PPE
    • IDLH

    Features and Benefits

    By taking this ClickSafety's Confined Spaces for Construction online safety course, you will have a more thorough and up-to-date understanding of the equipment, systems and procedures necessary to assist you in reducing the risks of workplace accidents due to confined spaces. Upon successful completion, you will be able to recognize and/or identify:

    • A hazardous atmosphere consisting of toxic substances, explosive or flammable elements, sloped floors or creases
    • Confined spaces within the workplace
    • Permits required for a confined space
    • Safe work practices in accordance with Federal and State Laws
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