OSHA Fatal Four: Fall Hazards (OSHA Focus Four)

    OSHA Fatal Four / Focus Four Fatality Prevention: Fall Hazards

    Course Overview

    This OSHA Fatal/Focus Four: Fall Hazards online safety course focuses on fall hazards and ways to protect against fall injuries or accidents. A fall hazard is any situation that could cause you to lose your balance or bodily support and fall from a dangerous height. You will learn to recognize these potentially dangerous situations and how to minimize or avoid them. This course covers the fall hazards that result in the most common injuries and fatalities as documented by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    Intended Audience

    This Focus Four Fall Hazards online course will benefit all workers and management employees who work in situations where a worker could possibly fall a dangerous distance.

    • Construction Managers
    • Construction Superintendents
    • Construction Foremen
    • Construction Crew Leaders
    • Anyone with construction safety responsibilities

    Learning Objectives

    While completing OSHA’s Focus Four Fall Hazards course, you will learn ways to stay safe from falls. You will also be able to identify and explain common fall protection systems to help protect yourself and other employees from dangerous falls. In addition, you are encouraged to learn about your employer's requirements to protect you and other employees against fall hazards.

    Course Topics

    • Introduction to OSHA Focus Four
    • What is a Fall Hazard?
    • Fall Hazards in Construction
    • Protection from Fall Hazards
    • Employer Fall Prevention Requirements
    • Fall Hazards In Review


    • OSHA
    • Fall Hazard
    • Floor Hazard
    • Steel Erection
    • Scaffold Construction

    Features and Benefits

    ClickSafety’s Focus Four Fall Hazards online safety course teaches you to recognize and prevent injury or death from falling a dangerous distance. When you have successfully completed this course, you will know:

    • The major fall hazards
    • Ways to protect yourself against falls
    • What employers must do to protect workers from fall hazards
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