Bloodborne Pathogens, An Introduction

    Introduction to Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP)

    Course Overview

    Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP), An Introduction is an online safety course that introduces you to the hazards from bloodborne pathogens in the work environment. You will discover what the risks are and what you can do to protect yourself by following the safe work practices explained in this course. The purpose of OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen regulations is to protect you from harmful diseases.

    Intended Audience

    This personal protective equipment training is intended for all employees.

    • Construction Workers
    • Construction Supervisors
    • Construction Managers

    Learning Objectives

    This Bloodborne Pathogens online training will provide you with basic knowledge, according to OSHA standards, of the types of bloodborne pathogens that generally concern the workplace, common modes of their transmission, methods of prevention and steps to take in the event of an exposure. You are encouraged to further your learning by reviewing the reference on Center for Disease Control and 29 CFR 1910 1030.

    Course Topics

    • Overview of Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP)
    • Introduction to BBP
    • Transmission
    • Prevention and Control of Exposure
    • Accidents and Incidents


    • CPR
    • CFR
    • CDC
    • BBP’s
    • HIV
    • HBV
    • HCV
    • OPIM
    • AIDS
    • OSHA
    • PPE

    Features and Benefits

    By successfully completing ClickSafety’s Bloodborne Pathogens online training, you will be better prepared to avoid, prevent, and protect against bloodborne pathogens hazards. Upon successful completion, you will:

    • Be able to identify three primary bloodborne pathogens
    • Know the hazards associated with bloodborne pathogens
    • Understand the safe work practices necessary to avoid exposure to bloodborne pathogens
    • Be able to take the necessary steps in the event of an accidental exposure incident
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