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Nurture a Safety Culture with Knowledge Assessment

Complement your safety courses with adaptive learning technology.

Microlearning & Benchmarking

Microlearning is a training method that breaks skill-based knowledge down into small, bite-sized chunks to be reviewed daily, one chunk at a time. ClickSafety's adaptive learning technology then allows you to benchmark performance to identify compliance training gaps faster. 

A fast and easy way to retain safety skills

Our Knowledge Assessment program uses adaptive software and the principles of microlearning to deliver 60 seconds of training every day via a daily email or text.

  • Encourages quick responses from entire workforce
  • Provides a more effective refresher training experience
  • Increases comprehension and retention
  • Gives insight into risk areas and knowledge gaps
  • Documents compliance for audits and incidents

How it works

Year-round, workers receive one daily question to answer on their computer or mobile device reinforcing the ClickSafety training they took. After 40 days, Knowledge Assessment individually adapts to team members, supplying them with test questions addressing their areas of weakness.

What you get

  • Custom priority questions to cover company policies
  • Delivery method options including email and text
  • Reports and performance metrics dashboard
  • Configurable “learning moments” to add your videos & PDFs
  • Easy to use video-creation tools
  • Success-driven gamification via awards and leaderboards

"As Safety Director for a construction group that has jobsites in multiple states, I am always looking for ways to inspire and educate my team about safety. ClickSafety’s Knowledge Assessment product has invigorated our safety culture and is very well accepted among the group. The ClickSafety ‘Question of the Day’ has generated a ton of conversation and has eliminated the logistics of distributing safety information to the masses."

Wayne DeVoe, CHST

Safety Director, Rice Lake Construction Group 

"Having employees trained daily using ClickSafety’s Knowledge Assessment ensures safety is top of mind. The more safety knowledge and comprehension our employees have about the construction industry, the more they can pass that knowledge to those working around them—not just our employees, but other contractors as well."

Amy Stawski

Safety Administrator, Faith Technologies 


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