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Cal Stairs and Ladders for Construction

Course ID: CLK0229
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 0 Hours 45 Minutes
Language: English

The Cal Stairs and Ladders for Construction online training from ClickSafety is an intermediate-level training designed to focus on the varying safety requirements for temporary stairs, ladder types and the safe use thereof, inspection requirements, and specific safety issues associated with straight, step, and fixed ladders. This training offers participants specific guidelines governing ladder and stair safety in accordance with California/OSHA and federal OSHA standards.

NOTICE: Ladder falls are one of the leading causes of workplace injuries and fatalities. This online training provides the key safety definitions and regulations required to reduced jobsite incidents.

ClickSafety’s Cal Stairs and Ladders for Construction online training cohesively defines ladders and stairs, as well as their individual uses according to Cal/OSHA requirements. Participants will focus on the types of stairs and ladders, safe usage of each, and key inspection requirements in order to identify and navigate potential safety issues associated with the varying forms. Specific course topics include the following:

  • Introduction to Cal/OSHA stairs and ladders
  • Applicable definitions
  • Temporary stairways
  • Types of ladders
  • Using ladders safely
  • Straight and stepladders
  • Fixed ladders
  • Final considerations regarding Cal/OSHA safety and ladder training

Specific industry terms discussed throughout the duration of the course include the following:

  • Cal/OSHA
  • California Code of Regulations
  • OSHA

The Cal Stairs and Ladders for Construction online course is designed to train those on California-based construction sites who may be responsible for stair and ladder safety compliance in accordance with Cal/OSHA standards. This course is specifically designed for the following:

  • Construction workers
  • Construction supervisors
  • Construction managers

If you have any concerns as to whether this course is appropriate for you or your industry, please browse our full selection of Online Courses and Safety Packs, call 800-971-1080, or Contact Us online.

ClickSafety’s intermediate-level Cal Stairs and Ladders for Construction online training offers an in-depth explanation of key terms and definitions of stair and ladder safety in accordance with Cal/OSHA standards. Upon successful completion of this course, participants can expect to:

  • Know key terminology
  • Understand the proper use of temporary stairs and ladders
  • Follow specific rules for both stair and ladder safety on the jobsite
  • Follow specific guidelines for straight, step, and fixed ladder types
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