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Control of Hazardous Energies for Construction

Course ID: MOOD43
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 0 Hours 30 Minutes
Language: English

In the construction field, employees and employers alike may find themselves working near or directly with hazardous energy, including electrical, thermal, chemical, nuclear, and others. Due to their hazardous nature, it’s critical to know how to control hazardous energy and keep yourself safe on the job. In this online Control of Hazardous Energy for Construction course, participants will receive intermediate-level hazardous energy training to help them identify and prevent dangers in the field.

Jobs involving hazardous energy carry the potential for workplace accidents, injuries, and even fatalities. To help prevent these occurrences, this course covers several relevant topics, including:

  • Hazardous energy basics
  • Anticipation, recognition, and evaluation of hazardous energy
  • Control of hazardous energy (COHE)
  • Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) procedures
  • Isolation of hazardous energy
  • Zero energy state systems

Control of Hazardous Energy for Construction was designed for members of the construction field, including:

  • Workers
  • Managers
  • Foremen

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By completing this course, participants will receive the training needed to work safely with and around hazardous energy sources. Specifically, they will review fundamental information about hazardous energy, the importance of proper COHE, and how to recognize, anticipate, and understand sources of this energy.

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