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Cal Practical Trenching

    Cal Practical Trenching

    Course Overview

    This intermediate California-specific Practical Trenching online safety course will cover basic applications of the requirements found in the Cal/OSHA construction safety standards. This course will also provide practical exercises relating to appendices B, C, and D from OSHA’s standards. The topics to be covered in the training include: sloping, benching, shoring and alternative protective methods. In addition, interpretation and the use of the shoring tables will be discussed.

    Intended Audience

    This California-specific Practical Trenching online course is designed for California construction workers and managers who are responsible for following the standards, rules and regulations applicable to trenching.

    • Construction Managers in California
    • Construction Supervisors in California
    • Construction Employees in California

    Learning Objectives

    This online Cal Practical Trenching safety course will discuss the sloping and benching requirements for types A, B, and C soils. There are several references used throughout the course that are found in the Cal/OSHA construction standards 1541.1. The course reviews field applications of the requirements in order to help you become familiar with possible types of exposure.

    Course Topics

    • Introduction to Practical Trenching in California
    • Practical Exercises
    • Sloping Configurations
    • Shoring
    • Timber Shoring
    • Aluminum Hydraulic Shoring
    • Other Shoring Methods
    • Trench Boxes
    • Timber Shoring
    • Aluminum Hydraulic Shoring


    • Cal/OSHA
    • Cal/OSHA Construction Standards

    Features and Benefits

    ClickSafety’s California-specific Practical Trenching online course reviews Cal/OSHA safety orders found in 8 CCR 1539 to 1541.1, "Excavations: Hazard Recognition in Trenching and Shoring", as well as OSHA's Technical Manual. Upon successful completion of this course, you will:

    • Be aware of the benching and sloping requirements for types A, B, and C soils
    • Know where to locate and how to use the shoring tables for both timber shoring and aluminum hydraulic shoring
    • Understand the basic requirements for shields or trench boxes as an alternative to sloping or shoring
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