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Cal Trenching and Excavation

    Cal Trenching and Excavation

    Course Overview

    This is an intermediate online safety course that covers Cal/OSHA requirements relating to the construction safety orders found in 8 CCR 1539 to 1541.1. In addition, this California-specific Trenching and Excavation safety course discusses specific excavation requirements, as well as stipulations for the installation, use and removal of protective systems.

    Intended Audience

    This Trenching and Excavation training is designed for construction workers and managers in California who are responsible for following Cal/OSHA requirements relating to safety orders.

    • Construction Managers in California
    • Construction Foremen in California
    • Construction Supervisors in California
    • Construction Workers in California

    Learning Objectives

    This online safety course will focus on three main areas: specific excavation requirements, soil classification systems, and requirements for protective systems. In each of these areas, we will cover safe work practices, potential hazards, and methods for eliminating those hazards. This course will also discuss the specific permit requirements established by Cal/OSHA.

    Course Topics

    • Introduction to Trenching and Excavation in California
    • Definitions
    • Specific Excavation Requirements
    • Soil Classification System
    • Requirements for Protective Systems
    • Designs Using the OSHA "Standard"
    • Designs Using the "Standard"
    • Support Systems, Shield Systems and Other Protective Systems
    • Materials and Equipment
    • Installation and Removal
    • Excavation and Underground Utilities


    • Cal/OSHA
    • Specific Excavation Requirements

    Features and Benefits

    ClickSafety’s Cal Trenching and Excavation online safety course offers safe work practices as outlined in Cal/OSHA’s trenching and excavation requirements. By taking this course and successfully completing it, you will:

    • Be familiar with excavation requirements, soil classification and protective systems
    • Know specific permit requirements as outlined by Cal/OSHA
    • Be able to identify possible hazards
    • Know methods and steps for eliminating hazards

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