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Defensive Driving Techniques

    Defensive Driving Techniques

    Course Overview

    Defensive Driving Techniques is an intermediate online safety course that offers extended driving training. It focuses on critical driver safety issues and the methods taken to control hazards that are the cause of most accidents. Remember, this course is not a substitute for specific training or equipment use.

    Intended Audience

    The defensive driving training course is intended for any driver, on and off the job site.

    Learning Objectives

    This defensive driving online course will provide you with a clear understanding of what it means to drive safely. You will also be instructed on critical driver safety issues and given tips on how to control the hazards behind most accidents. You are encouraged to further your learning by reviewing references such as the State Driver’s Handbook and AAA.

    Course Topics

    • Introduction to Defensive Driving Techniques
    • Preparation for Safe Driving
    • Seat Belts and Air Bags
    • The Good Driver Defined
    • Cushion of Safety
    • Intersection Accidents/Backing Safety
    • Aggressive Driving
    • Cell Phones, Hands-free Phones & Other Distractions
    • Drugs and Alcohol
    • Fatigue
    • Winter Driving
    • Trailer Safety
    • Other Driving Issues


    • NHTSA
    • OSHA
    • NIOSH
    • NETS

    Features and Benefits

    By taking ClickSafety’s Defensive Driving Techniques online safety course, you will be better prepared to drive safely. Upon successfully completing this course, you will:

    • Know how to practice good driving techniques
    • Recognize the hazards of bad weather, intoxicants and fatigue
    • Know how to avoid letting distractions or emotions interfere with your driving
    • Be able to take the necessary steps to insure that your vehicle is in good condition before getting behind the wheel
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