HAZWOPER 2017 Refresher (8-Hour) Course

    HAZWOPER 2017 Refresher (8-Hour) Course

    Course Overview

    ClickSafety's HAZWOPER 2017 Refresher course provides refresher training as specified by the OSHA standard for hazardous waste operations and emergency response (Hazwoper), 29 CFR 1910.120. Students will also receive refresher training and information on respirator basics (required annually) and critical topics like OSHA's new silica standard that HAZWOPER personnel need to be familiar with in 2017.

    Employees, supervisors and managers involved with hazardous waste operations are required to have 8 hours of refresher training annually.

    This online HAZWOPER refresher training is designed to help students review basic occupational safety and health principles learned during their initial 24-hour or 40-hour certification training. In addition, important HAZWOPER safety and health issues addressed by OSHA and other organizations in 2016 will be examined, as well as topics for 2017, including changes made to the Hazard Communication (HazCom) Standard (HCS).

    The primary reference is OSHA HAZWOPER Standard 29 CFR 1910.120(e)(8).

    Upon successful completion of the course, each student will receive a ClickSafety Certificate of Completion that will show the 0.8 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and 8 Contact Hours received for this IACET-approved course.

    Earn 0.8 CEUs with the HAZWOPER Refresher

    Intended Audience

    The HAZWOPER 2017 Refresher course is intended for those who are exposed or potentially exposed to hazardous substances - including hazardous waste operations - and who have already taken the HAZWOPER 24-hour or HAZWOPER 40-hour certification training. This includes the following:

    • Workers involved in mandatory or voluntary clean-up operations
    • Workers involved in corrective actions involving clean-up operations
    • Workers involved in operations involving hazardous waste
    • Workers involved in emergency response operations
    • Utility and other contractors and subcontractors who perform duties at a hazardous waste site
    • On-Site Supervisors and Managers

    Learning Objectives

    Following this training the student should be able to recognize important principles with regard to:

    1. Important HAZWOPER safety and health issues addressed by OSHA and other organizations in 2016
    2. Important HAZWOPER topics and information sources for 2016
    3. Requirements of the OSHA HAZWOPER standard
    4. Hazardous waste site characterization and control
    5. Training requirements for workers, managers, supervisors and teachers
    6. Employer Health and Safety (EH&S) programs, including organizational structure, site safety plans, safety meetings and inspections
    7. Medical surveillance programs
    8. Engineering controls, safe work practices and personal protective equipment (PPE)
    9. Site and high-risk employee monitoring
    10. Site decontamination, illumination and sanitation
    11. New technology programs
    12. Requirements of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976 (RCRA) for treatment, storage and disposal (TS&D) facilities
    13. Hazardous substance release emergencies
    14. Emergency response plans for hazardous waste operations
    15. Respirator basics including usage requirements and major types
    16. Respirable crystalline silica hazards

    Course Topics

    • Course Introduction
    • 2016 in Review, New for 2017
    • HAZWOPER 2017 Overview
    • Safety and Health Programs
    • Site Characterization and Control
    • Training
    • Medical Surveillance
    • Hazard Controls and Monitoring
    • Handling Drums and Containers
    • Decontamination and Other Topics
    • Uncontrolled Site Emergency Response
    • RCRA Sites
    • Substance Release Emergencies
    • Respirator Basics
    • Silica


    • Clean-up Operation
    • Decontamination
    • Emergency Response
    • Hazardous Materials Response (HAZMAT)
    • Hazardous Waste
    • Hazardous Substances
    • Hazardous Waste Operations

    HAZWOPER 8-Hour Refresher Training is based on:

    • OSHA Standard for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER), 29 CFR 1910.120.
    • Federal regulations for hazardous substance definitions, 40 CFR 261.3 and 49 CFR 171.8
    • OSHA Standard for Respiratory Protection in General Industry and Construction, 29 CFR 1910.134 and 29 CFR 1926.103, respectively
    • Recent revisions and adoptions to both construction and general industry standards

    Features and Benefits

    ClickSafety's HAZWOPER 2017 Refresher online safety course provides the following features and benefits:

    • Offers comprehensive 8 hour compliance training, including study guides and other material, to help promote compliance with OSHA's HAZWOPER Standard 1910.120(e)(8) for workers, managers and supervisors
    • Minimizes the potential of citation and penalty by OSHA under 1910.120
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