Introduction to Cal/OSHA

    Introduction to Cal/OSHA

    Course Overview

    This Introduction to Cal/OSHA will instruct you about the origins and missions of California OSHA, as well as the key regulations. OSHA is a leader in the development and enforcement of occupational safety and health standards. This course will discuss the history of occupational safety and health, and how Cal/OSHA developed its regulations.

    Intended Audience

    This Cal/OSHA online safety course is designed for construction workers and managers in California whose working conditions and operations are regulated by State and Federal OSHA regulations.

    • Construction Managers in California
    • Construction Supervisors in California
    • Construction Employees in California

    Learning Objectives

    This online safety course will discuss what makes Cal/OSHA different from Federal OSHA. Some of Cal/OSHA’s regulations are more stringent than Federal standards, and this course discusses those standards and why they are important. This course will also provide details about the major units of Cal/OSHA.

    Course Topics

    • Cal/OSHA for Construction
    • Introduction to Cal/OSHA
    • Rights and Responsibilities
    • Inspections
    • Appeals
    • Standards and Regulations
    • Recordkeeping, Posting and Reporting
    • IIPP’s
    • Final Considerations


    • Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH)
    • OSHA
    • Cal/OSHA
    • Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)

    Features and Benefits

    ClickSafety’s An Introduction to Cal/OSHA online safety course encourages the development of safety and health programs to reduce California workplace hazards. By successfully completing this course, you will:

    • Have sources of assistance in the development, implementation and management of the IIPP
    • Know the difference between Cal/OSHA and Federal OSHA
    • Be aware of employee and employer rights and responsibilities
    • Understand the reporting and recordkeeping programs
    • Be able to adopt and enforce safety and health standards
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