Materials Handling

    Materials Handling

    Course Overview

    In this intermediate online safety course, we will review Materials Handling safety according to OSHA standards. This Materials Handling course focuses on prevention of injury by adhering to the regulations for safe use and maintenance, rigging of equipment and proper disposal methods for debris and other construction-related waste materials. It also includes manual and mechanical material handling, hand powered tools and equipment safety.

    Intended Audience

    Materials handling training is designed for construction workers and managers who are responsible for the safety of their job site according to OSHA regulations.

    • Construction Managers
    • Construction Supervisors
    • Construction Workers

    Learning Objectives

    In this online safety course, you will be informed on proper Materials Handling and how to develop an understanding of the equipment, systems and procedures in order to prevent workplace accidents. You will also learn the legal requirements for ensuring safety to the highest possible standard in the workplace. When finished, you will have been given the knowledge you need to adhere to OSHA requirements for safe handling and storage of building materials, equipment and containers.

    Course Topics

    • Introduction to Materials Handling
    • Manual Handling Techniques
    • Non-Powered Handling Equipment
    • Power Industrial Trucks
    • Conveyors
    • Cranes, Hoists and Rigging
    • Slings
    • Storage and Disposal


    • Materials Handling
    • OSHA
    • Mechanical Material Handling

    Features and Benefits

    By taking ClickSafety’s Materials Handling online safety course, you will learn the importance of materials handling, storage, use and disposal. When you have successfully completed this course, you will:

    • Know safe handling and disposal methods according to OSHA requirements
    • Have been trained in the safe storage, movement and disposal of materials
    • Understand the relevant specific OSHA requirements for safe material handling
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