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Mold Awareness for Facility Operators

    Mold Awareness for Facility Operators

    Course Overview

    Mold Awareness for Facility Operators aims to provide building owners and employees of fixed facilities with basic information on mold. This advanced online safety course offers guidelines, methods and best management practices (BMP's) for mold and moisture recognition. Evaluating and controlling mold in buildings or other fixed facilities is also covered in this course.

    Intended Audience

    This Mold Awareness for Facility Operators safety course will benefit all workers and management employees at a construction work site.

    • Facility Operators
    • Facility Managers

    Learning Objectives

    While completing this online course, you will be given terms and definitions of mold and its characteristics. You will become familiar with preventive measures and actions you should take when mold becomes an issue. You will be instructed on remediation and how to deal with tenants and building occupants. You will learn to handle documentation and awareness, as well as resources for additional information.

    Course Topics

    • Introduction to Mold Awareness for Facility Operators
    • Mold Characteristics
    • Preventive Measures With Water Intrusion
    • Action to Take If You Find Mold
    • Mold Remediation
    • EPA's Top Ten


    • Cladosporium
    • Penicillium
    • Alternaria
    • Aspergillus
    • Mucor

    Features and Benefits

    ClickSafety’s Mold Awareness for Facility Operators online safety course offers information on working safely around mold. When you have successfully completed this mold safety course, you will know:

    • Mold definition and identification
    • Human health effects
    • Mold and moisture control
    • Information sources
    • EPA’s top ten
    • If you have questions, please check sources
    • Preventive measures
    • Actions when mold is an issue
    • Remediation
    • Dealing with tenants and building occupants
    • Documentation and awareness
    • Sources of additional information
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