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Mold Design and Materials

    Mold Design and Materials

    Course Overview

    This online safety course will inform you of the basic guidelines and methods used for Mold Design and Materials. These guidelines and methods will specifically cover the following areas: selecting consultants and experts, in-house testing and observation, using or not using mock-ups and early start-ups of mechanical systems. All of the considerations provided in this class should assist you in preventing mold growth with respect to mold design and materials.

    Intended Audience

    This online training is designed for contractors and their representatives who are responsible for the safety of their job site.

    • Construction Contractors and Their Representatives

    Learning Objectives

    This Mold Design and Materials online safety course will discuss how to find the right consultants and experts in the mold prevention process. In addition, the course will encourage you to have a plan that details the types of training and observations that are needed for mold prevention.

    Course Topics

    • Overview of Mold Design
    • Consultations and Experts
    • Testing and In-House Observation
    • Mock-Ups
    • Early Start Up Mechanical Systems


    • A Map to Avoiding Mold Litigation
    • Mold Litigation Prevention Summit
    • Plastic Injection Mold Design

    Features and Benefits

    While taking ClickSafety’s Mold Design and Materials online safety course, you will be presented with techniques that can be applied during the design stage for preventing mold growth. By following the considerations in this course, you will:

    • Know the importance of matching a consultant’s ability to the complexity of the project
    • Be able to determine the guidelines for performing in-house testing and/or observation
    • Understand that mock-ups are the exception, not the rule, for most construction work
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