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NYC SST-307 8-Hour Fall Prevention for Construction

    NYC SST-307 8-Hour Fall Prevention for Construction

    Course Overview

    ClickSafety’s New York City SST-307 8-Hour Fall Prevention for Construction course is designed to meet the training requirements specified by the New York City Department of Buildings (NYC DOB) to help prevent deaths and serious injuries from falls in construction.  

    The course provides detailed information on Fall Prevention and ways to identify, evaluate and prevent Fall Hazards in construction. This course reviews common terminology and NYC Local Law 196 regulations that apply to Fall Prevention and includes effective means for preventing fall hazards and rescue methods if a fall does occur on the job.  The course also presents ways to use tools such as toolbox talks and tailgate meetings to help identify and prevent fall hazards.  The course provides exercises to help the user make fall protection decisions and selecting control strategies in order to prioritize fall prevention and jobsite safety.

    This course is proctored through voice authentication.

    Note: New York City Local Law 196 (LL-196) of 2017 specifies that, as part of the course requirements for 8-Hour Fall Prevention, Trainees demonstrate wearing generic fall protection equipment. ClickSafety’s online training program is approved by the NYC Department of Buildings to satisfy the Site Safety Training requirements; however, we recommend that employees work with their employers to ensure that trainees taking this course have the opportunity to put on, take off and safely use the protective equipment required for use on the job, learn about other project specific fall protections and ask questions specific to the project.

    Upon successful completion of the course, each student will receive a ClickSafety Certificate of Completion showing the 0.8 continuing education unit (CEU) and 8 contact hours received from an IACET-accredited course provider.


    Intended Audience

    This online safety course is intended for designated Construction workers and Supervisors in New York City who require Fall Prevention Construction Safety Training:

    • Construction Workers
    • Demolition Workers
    • Construction Supervisors
    • Construction Superintendents (CS)
    • Site Safety Coordinators (SSC)
    • Site Safety Managers (SSM)
    • Concrete Safety Managers (CSM)
    • Competent Persons

    Learning Objectives

     The student will learn important principles for fall prevention as specified by the New York City Department of Buildings including how to:

    • Identify Fall Protection terminology
    • Have familiarity with Fall Protection Regulations and Standards
    • Identify ways to recognize, evaluate and prevent Fall Hazards
    • Recognize proper methods for Evaluating and Mitigating Fall Hazards
    • Have familiarity with Fall Statistics in the US and New York City
    • Identify ways of creating a safety culture of caring
    • Identify basic guidelines and methods employed for a 100% fall protection program
    • Know what a Competent Person is including regulations around the Competent Person designation, requirements for naming a competent person, and Competent Person responsibilities
    • Know what a tailgate meeting is and characteristics of an effective tailgate
    • Know what a toolbox meeting is and what toolbox topics are specific to fall protection
    • Have familiarity with the NYC Building Department’s fall protection checklist as referenced in the NYC Buildings Department-approved course requirements for the 8-Hour Fall Prevention training curricula
    • Have familiarity with the basic guidelines and methods for selection, inspection, and maintenance of fall protection equipment
    • Have familiarity with making fall protection decisions and selecting control strategies

    Course Topics

    • Definitions and Regulations
    • OSHA Standards
    • U.S. and NYC Fall Statistics
    • Hierarch of Controls
    • Competent Person and Qualified Person for Fall Protection
    • Slips, Trips, and Falls
    • Fall Hazard Recognition
    • Platforms and Devices
    • Excavation, Trench, and Truck Fall hazards
    • Fall Hazard and Rescue Methods
    • 100% Fall Protection Programs
    • Tailgate Meetings and Toolbox Talks
    • Task Safety Considerations

    Industry Terms

    • 100% Fall Protection
    • Anchorage
    • Competent Person
    • Controlled Access Zone (CAZ)
    • Fall Protection
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Positioning Device System
    • OSHA
    • Roofing
    • Rope Grab
    • Safety Monitoring System
    • Tailgate Meetings and Toolbox Talks
    • Walking/Working Surface
    • Work Area 

    Based On

    This online safety course is based on the NYC Buildings Department’s New York City Local Law 196 of 2017 course requirements for 8 hours of Fall Prevention training for individuals applying for a Site Safety Training Card. 

    Features and Benefits

    • 8 hours of training from a NYC DOB approved training provider
    • Voice-authentication enabled to meet LL196 proctored training requirements
    • 0.8 continuing education unit (CEU) from an IACET-approved training provider
    • Access to a ClickSafety certificate of completion

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    Call: 800.971.1080