Worker Right to Know

    Worker Right to Know

    Course Overview

    Worker Right to Know is an introductory online safety course that explores the topic of employee exposure and medical records, known as "Worker Right to Know", as covered by OSHA Subpart Z, 29 CFR 1910.1020 for General Industry. This course answers questions relating to the "worker right to know" law and how trade secrets are addressed by the standard. Find out which record requests do not need to be in writing and how to access those that are on file.

    Intended Audience

    This online safety course is intended for all employees and managers in the General Industry sector, including those working in:

    • Manufacturing
    • Warehousing and Distribution
    • Property Management
    • Retail Services
    • Trade and Transportation
    • Hospitality

    Learning Objectives

    This Worker Right to Know online safety course introduces you to your rights relating to hazards exposure and medical records. This course summarizes which employers are covered, what the access rules are and reviews the record-keeping and retention requirements. We will also cover what gaining "access" means and the regulations on records requests.

    Course Topics

    • Worker Right to Know
    • Exposure and Medical Records


    • OSHA
    • NIOSH
    • CFR
    • RTECHS
    • MSDS
    • CAS

    Features and Benefits

    This ClickSafety Worker Right to Know online safety course gives you an explanation of your right to know. When you successfully complete this informative class, you will:

    • Know the employee exposure and medical records guidelines
    • Understand how trade secrets are addressed
    • Have knowledge on access rules
    • Know the requirements for recordkeeping and retention
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