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Defensive Driver Awareness for All Industries

Course ID: MOOD95
Level: Introductory
Duration: 0 Hours 20 Minutes
Language: English

Driving defensively helps motorists stay safe when faced with common vehicular hazards. This strategy is equally important on construction sites, where vehicles, equipment, and workers must coexist safely to avoid accidents that could cause serious injuries or even death. Defensive Driver Awareness for All Industries introduces important defensive driver training concepts to help students put safety first when behind the wheel on the road or at the job site.

This introductory online defensive driver training course for all industries helps students understand common dangers faced when operating a construction vehicle. Course topics include:

  • An overview of defensive driving
  • What to do before driving
  • Staying alert and aware behind the wheel
  • The impact of alcohol and medication on drivers
  • Accident avoidance strategies
  • Common hazards, such as unsecured materials in the vehicle
  • The importance of seatbelts

Students who complete this course will understand safe driving behaviors to help avoid hazards to themselves and others on the road and at the job site.

Defensive Driver Awareness for All Industries is appropriate for all workers and managers with responsibility for oversight and enforcement of OSHA safety standards. This defensive driver course may be taken by anyone who operates a vehicle in the course of their job duties.

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After completing Defensive Driver Awareness for All Industries, you’ll understand how defensive driving can save you or another’s life, as well as how to promote safe driving on and off the job site. You’ll also learn how to practice accident avoidance and other key concepts in driving safety.

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