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Safety Training Purchase Considerations


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There are many different factors that affect a company’s ability to employees effectively and in a timely manner—but, it is not always easy to know all the issues you might face upfront. 
By servicing over 10,000 customers, we’ve learned the factors you need to consider when you are looking for a partner to deliver safety training for your company.


High Turnover

Safety managers need to continuously train and keep track of new employees and contractors.

Consider >> Find training solution that is easy to access (for you and your employees) and a centralized place to maintain your records.

Diverse Workforce

If you have a diverse workforce, including workers with varying levels of experience and language proficiency consider how your training reflects different needs.

Consider >> Find a training solution that can train in various languages and has the library to account for a range of courses for topics to a variety of topics for various job functions and levels.

Remote Worksites

If your team is scattered across various locations, it may be difficult to provide consistent, timely training across the board.

Consider >> Online training allows you to provide consistent training, from anywhere, so all your employees are learning the same material while having the convenience of doing it on their time at their own pace.

Limited Time and Resources

Jobs are time-sensitive, and dedicating time for safety training can be seen as a productivity hindrance.

Consider >> Online training frees up time and resources because you won’t have to lose productivity for your employees to get trained in-person.

Costs of Training

Comprehensive safety training can be expensive, and small construction companies may find it difficult to allocate funds for training materials, equipment, and instructors.

Consider >> ClickSafety Business Accounts get you bulk discounts, multiple payment options and flexible terms while removing the need to pay for training materials and an instructor for every training session.

Measuring Training Effectiveness

Determining the effectiveness of safety training and its impact on reducing accidents and incidents can be challenging. Safety managers need to find ways to assess the outcomes of their training efforts.

Consider >> Utilizing a training dashboard can help you easily manage and assess your training efforts.


Our Business Accounts are specifically designed to tackle these challenges and provide a streamlined solution for your safety training needs.


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