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Workplace Violence Prevention

Course ID: WVP
Level: Introductory
Duration: 0 Hours 30 Minutes

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The Workplace Violence Prevention online safety training course is a 30-minute training that focuses on OSHA workplace violence guidelines. This course helps employees recognize and report different types of workplace violence and safely respond if a situation escalates. Through a series of interactive scenarios, employees will learn how to recognize warning signs and risk factors for workplace violence, what to do if workplace violence concerns arise, and how to protect themselves in a workplace violence incident.

NOTICE: If you are in the state of CA and are looking to meet the requirements for California's Labor Code section 6401.9, you should select the “California” version of this course from the drop down above to complete your training.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Types of workplace violence
  • Recognizing behaviors of concern
  • Domestic violence in the workplace
  • Workplace violence prevention training
  • Reporting workplace violence incidents
  • Procedures for workplace violence emergencies

Course objectives for this course include:

  • Understanding how to define workplace violence.
  • Learning the four types of workplace violence.
  • Gaining the ability to identify warning signs and behaviors of concern.
  • Understanding how and when to report behaviors of concern and incidents of workplace violence.
  • Learning de-escalation techniques to diffuse potentially violent situations.
  • Learning the run, fight, hide method for responding to an active assailant.

NOTE: To fully comply with the workplace violence prevention training requirements under California Labor Code Section 6401.9, the self-paced training in this course must be supplemented with employer-led training that covers material specific to the employer’s workplace.

The Workplace Violence Prevention course is appropriate for workers and supervisors across a range of industries in workplaces which wish to mitigate the risks of workplace violence.

If you have any concerns as to whether this course is appropriate for you or your industry, please browse our full selection of Online Courses and Safety Packs, call 800-971-1080, or Contact Us online.

The Workplace Violence Prevention course helps participants understand workplace violence signs, risks, and preventative safety measures. The California version of this course helps meet the requirements of California's Labor Code section 6401.9. Participants who complete this course will be able to:

  • Recognize and report different types of workplace violence and safely respond if situations escalate.
  • Identify warning signs and risk factors for workplace violence.
  • Understand how to protect themselves in a workplace violence incident.
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