4 Benefits of Microlearning

4 Benefits of Microlearning

4 Benefits of Microlearning

The average attention span in North America decreased from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2015, according to a Microsoft Corp. study. Today’s learners like to consume information just in time, just in place and just enough. Learners prefer to have access to relevant trainings in short, digestible chunks, and only when they need them. As a result, the new elearning trend, “microlearning” is gaining popularity in many organization’s training delivery. Companies that use ClickSafety’s microlearning platform see significant improvement in test and safety compliance scores.

Here are 4 benefits of micro-learning:

1. Quick and Easy Access: Improve Knowledge Retention

Microlearning program is easily accessible and can be quickly completed and applied by learners. Content is often available in various formats and delivery methods. Such flexibility is perfect for busy workers on the go. While less time consuming, this allows learners to continuously refresh their memories on materials learned to increase knowledge retention. It proves to be much effective than digesting a lot of content in one long sitting.

2. Learner-Centric Approach: Fill Performance Gaps

Microlearning appeals to many as it is learner-centric and can be personalized to meet learners’ preferences and styles. Its just in time delivery of digestible bits of information and immediate feedback make learning more effective. It also enables learners to identify areas of weakness and fill their own performance gap.

3. Affordable and Shorter Development Cycle: Reduce Costs

It typically takes less time to develop and deploy than traditional training curriculum. Furthermore, compliance always changes, thus the ability to quickly update and correct content put this training approach at a great advantage. It can be a stand-alone training program or integrated into existing courses. Overall, organizations can deploy microlearning at minimal costs while having great flexibility over its content.

4. Specific, Measurable Outcomes: Increase Training Efficiency

Microlearning is designed to meet a specific training outcome and equipped with tracking and reporting capability. For example, companies that adopt our Safety and Health Knowledge Assessment program can run custom reports showing participants’ test and compliance scores anytime to identify whether employees are fully participating, and areas that need further training.

Microlearning is best when used in conjunction with any training program and reglardless of the delivery medium. For many companies, it also provides additional, up-to-date training documentation for safety compliance requirements and auditing.

May 25, 2017