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ClickSafety is the leading provider of OSHA 30 online training. Ideal for workers with supervisory duties who require training beyond the basics, ClickSafety offers an approved OSHA 30-Hour online course that is available in multiple languages, as well as multiple industries.



  • On Sale! Now Only $159
  • Learn at your own pace with 100% Online training accessible 24/7
  • Available for Construction and General Industry supervisors
  • OSHA DOL Card delivered upon successful completion 
  • Also available in Spanish and NYC SST Compliant

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1-6 of 6

OSHA 10-Hour Courses are Only $59

OSHA 30-Hour Courses are Only $159

Sale ends soon, so don't miss out! Exclusions may apply.
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ClickSafety’s OSHA 30 certification courses are ideal for foremen, site supervisors, and employees on the jobsite who are responsible for site safety and require training beyond the basics. Participants can expect to revisit topics addressed in other OSHA courses, such as the 10-hour training. However, the OSHA 30 training provides a broader scope of training.

OSHA 30-Hour Construction

The OSHA 30-Hour Construction courses from ClickSafety are ideal for those on construction jobsites with specific construction site safety responsibilities. These individuals might include:

  • Construction workers
  • Site foremen
  • Jobsite supervisors
  • Employers

Our OSHA 30-Hour Construction courses include all information required by OSHA with specific emphasis on hazard identification, avoidance, and control and prevention.

OSHA 30-Hour General Industry

OSHA’s General Industry training is broader and includes, but is not limited to, manufacturing, warehousing, healthcare, retail, transportation and more. These courses are ideal for the following:

  • General Industry managers and supervisors
  • General Industry inspectors

Additional OSHA 30-Hour Training from ClickSafety

ClickSafety offers OSHA 30-Hour Training in Spanish. ClickSafety tiene el curso de 30 horas de OSHA en Español.

Additionally, ClickSafety offers 30-Hour Voice Authentication (VA) courses for Construction in English and Spanish. These courses meet the New York City Department of Buildings (NYC DOB) VA requirements for NYC workers and meet the NYC DOB’s LL196 online course proctoring requirements to ensure student identity throughout the online course.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to complete OSHA 30 online?

Thirty hours is the minimum requirement for OSHA 30 training but as course is self-paced, it can take longer. OSHA requires that an online OSHA 30 course be completed within six months from the day you begin the training.

How many questions are in an OSHA 30 course final exam?

The final exam for the online OSHA 30-Hour course has 100 questions.

What’s included in my OSHA course?

Your OSHA course includes 6-months of access to the online course from the day you start the course, a plastic DOL OSHA card, and OSHA 30-hour certificate upon successfully completing the course.

What score do I need to pass an OSHA course?

OSHA courses only allow 3 attempts for all checkpoint exams, as well as the final exam. The final exam requires a minimum score of 70% to pass.

When will I receive my OSHA card?

As soon as you complete the final Exam and submit the OSHA Course Evaluation, you will be able to print an OSHA 30 hour certificate directly from your computer. Your OSHA DOL plastic card will ship within two weeks.

Does OSHA 30 expire?

ClickSafety recommends that individuals renew training certification every 3-4 years in order to stay current with new and changing OSHA regulations. While DOL cards do not expire at the federal level, some states, industries, and job sites may have their own individual requirements.