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ClickSafety Launches New Micro-Learning Platform and Safety and Health Knowledge Assessment Program

ClickSafety Launches New Micro-Learning Platform and Safety and Health Knowledge Assessment Program

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., May 8, 2017 – ClickSafety, the leading provider of online safety and health training for the construction, general and mining industries, has introduced its new micro-learning platform and Safety and Health Knowledge Assessments, a program that supports and measures safety training compliance retention

The Safety and Health Knowledge Assessment program complements core ClickSafety training courses, helping refresh, reinforce and benchmark a participant's initial ClickSafety learning experience. Year-round, learners will receive one daily question on their PC or mobile device related to the original ClickSafety course they took. It takes a learner less than 60 seconds to read and respond to their daily question, and review the feedback provided. This “micro-learning” method meets the preferences of today's learners used to short, digestible bits of content. The question feedback provided to the learner consists not only of correct/incorrect responses but can include text, graphics, videos or links to web pages to reinforce the original course.   

Based on his or her answers, an individual's ongoing safety compliance and knowledge scores are computed. The real-time scores include the participant's ranking compared to peers, test score and compliance score. The consistent touchpoints of the Safety and Health Knowledge Assessment program offer benefits to both learners and their employers. In addition to improving safety knowledge retention for the learner, the test and compliance scores are valuable tools for an employer, or training coordinator to identify and measure knowledge and compliance gaps.

Our commitment to safety doesn't end with a course completion," said ClickSafety General Manager, Matt Daniel. "We are focused on fostering a culture of safety in every work environment, a focus that takes a sustained and consistent approach to compliance knowledge. Our new Safety and Health Knowledge Assessment program consistently reinforces key safety information and helps keeps learners engaged."

“The way we process information has changed," added Johan Praats, president of, the software that powers ClickSafety’s Assessment program. "This is especially true in training where learners prefer their information just in place, just in time and just enough! By integrating our proficiency training software, ClickSafety is changing the game and helping clients create a safety culture.”


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About ClickSafety

Founded in California in 1999, ClickSafety is a subsidiary of Ascend Learning, Inc., a leading provider of technology-based educational curriculum and assessment solutions.

May 8, 2017