Sexual Harassment for Non-California Managers

    Sexual Harassment for Non-California Managers

    Course Overview

    Sexual Harassment for Non-California Managers is an advanced online safety course which provides interactive scenarios and exercises to assist you in understanding the issues associated with sexual harassment. The course will provide you with a clear understanding of acceptable workplace behavior. For this sexual harassment course, it is recommended that you obtain a copy of your company’s sexual harassment policy.

    Intended Audience

    This ClickSafety Sexual Harassment program is intended for managers and supervisors in the General Industry:

    • Supervisors
    • Managers

    Learning Objectives

    The Sexual Harassment for Managers course is an online safety course that explains sexual harassment, examines what your company is doing about it, explores the laws that protect you from sexual harassment and showcase the appropriate behavior expected in a work environment.

    Course Topics

    • Introduction to Sexual Harassment for Managers
    • Legal Overview
    • Sex Discrimination
    • Patterns of Harassment
    • Appropriate Behavior
    • Rights and Responsibilities
    • How Your Company Responds to Allegations
    • Resources


    • OSHA
    • BOQ
    • FEHA
    • HR
    • BFOQ
    • FMLA
    • EAP
    • EEOC

    Features and Benefits

    ClickSafety's Sexual Harassment for Non-California Managers online safety course helps you know the signs and symptoms of harassment and where to seek resolution. When you successfully finish this course, you will:

    • Know what to do if a sexual harassment incident occurs
    • Be able to identify inappropriate workplace behaviors
    • Know how to define the term "sexual harassment"
    • Understand the polices that your company and the law has in place
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