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Since 1999, ClickSafety has been a leader in online safety and compliance training. As the first to offer the OSHA 10-hour and 30-hour safety courses online, ClickSafety helps customers build a comprehensive safety culture in industries including Construction, Manufacturing, Environmental Health & Safety and many more.



Over 20 years of experience with more than 10,000 satisfied customers and 8 million courses administered worldwide.



Learn your way with online training you can take anywhere, anytime.



300+ courses created by our subject matter experts keeping you informed of the latest regulations and compliance standards.

"As Faith Technologies continues to grow and add employees, many of which travel, ClickSafety’s online training has given our employees the flexibility to complete their required training without having to travel to a training class. Completion of a 10-HR training course no longer takes our employees off the jobsite for what could easily equal a minimum of three days with travel."

Amy Stawski

Safety Administrator

"As Safety Director for a construction group that has jobsites in multiple states, I am always looking for ways to inspire and educate my team about safety. ClickSafety’s Knowledge Assessment product has invigorated our safety culture and is very well accepted among the group. The ClickSafety ‘Question of the Day’ has generated a ton of conversation and has eliminated the logistics of distributing safety information to the masses."

Wayne DeVoe

Safety Director

"ClickSafety continued to help us enhance our employees' overall safety awareness. The proof is in the numbers. Since the addition of this training, our overall total recordable and lost time incident rates have continued to decline, and are now at the lowest level in company history, and less than 1/3 the national averages."

Jamie Kaiser, ASP, CHST, STS

Regional Safety Director


10,000 Satisfied Customers (and counting)10,000 Satisfied Customers (and counting)

10,000 Satisfied Customers (and counting)

Proven training solutions designed to reduce risk and operational costs.

First to Offer OSHA OnlineFirst to Offer OSHA Online

First to Offer OSHA Online

Industry specialization of web-based training delivery.

Over Two Decades of Experience in Safety TrainingOver Two Decades of Experience in Safety Training

Over Two Decades of Experience in Safety Training

Established team of experts on top of the latest safety standards.

Over 8 Million Courses SoldOver 8 Million Courses Sold

Over 8 Million Courses Sold

Deep knowledge of instructional design  for adult learning.