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NYC Site Safety Training


    Get Your NYC SST Card & Save 20%

    ClickSafety courses meet New York City Local Law 196 training requirements for workers needing an SST card. This law applies to workers on certain job sites in New York City and requires 40-62 hours of initial site safety training. It also requires 8-16 hours of refresher training every 5 years. As the first NYC DOB-approved online training provider (ID# 4T75), ClickSafety offers Safety Packs with the courses you need to get your NYC SST card and keep it current. Buy your SST training online now & save 20%.


    Safety Packs

    NYC SST – 40-Hour Complete Worker Safety Pack

    Level: Intermediate

    Duration: 40 Hours

    Course ID: CLK0625

    $489.00 $391.00

    NYC SST - 62-Hour Complete Supervisor Safety Pack

    Level: Intermediate

    Duration: 62 Hours

    Course ID: CLK0627

    $1219.00 $975.00

    NYC SST – 8-Hour Worker Refresher Safety Pack

    Level: Intermediate

    Duration: 8 Hours

    Course ID: CLK0871

    $320.00 $256.00

    NYC SST – 16-Hour Supervisor Refresher Safety Pack

    Level: Advanced

    Duration: 16 Hours

    Course ID: CLK0873

    CEUs: 1.0

    $510.00 $408.00

    NYC SST – 10-Hour Worker Upgrade Safety Pack

    Level: Intermediate

    Duration: 10 Hours

    Course ID: CLK0624

    CEUs: 1.0

    $300.00 $240.00

    NYC SST – 8-Hour Worker Refresher Safety Pack - Spanish

    Level: Intermediate

    Duration: 8 Hours

    Course ID: CLK0872

    $320.00 $256.00

    NYC SST – 22-Hour Supervisor Upgrade Pack

    Level: Intermediate

    Duration: 22 Hours

    Course ID: CLK0719

    CEUs: 1.0

    $730.00 $584.00

    NYC SST – 32-Hour Supervisor Upgrade Safety Pack

    Level: Intermediate

    Duration: 32 Hours

    Course ID: CLK0626

    CEUs: 1.0

    $1030.00 $824.00

    NYC SST – 4-Hour Electives Upgrade Safety Pack

    Level: Intermediate

    Duration: 4 Hours

    Course ID: CLK0628

    $100.00 $80.00


    What is NYC SST Training?

    NYC SST (Site Safety Training) is the safety training required by the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) as part of Local Law 196 (LL 196). These training courses are designed to improve safety standards and mitigate risks in the construction industry in New York City.

    Who Needs an NYC SST Card?

    NYC Site Safety Training is required for all workers on construction sites that are subject to a Site Safety Plan. This includes individuals who perform construction and demolition work in New York City. It applies to workers in various roles such as laborers, supervisors, forepersons, and site safety managers. 

    What is Local Law 196?

    Local Law 196 (LL 196) is legislation enacted in New York City to enhance safety standards and training requirements in the construction industry. This law aims to reduce accidents, injuries, and fatalities by ensuring that workers are well-educated about potential hazards and equipped with the necessary skills to promote a safer work environment.

    How many hours of training do I need to get an SST card?

    For a new SST card, all workers on construction sites with a Site Safety Plan must complete a minimum of 40 hours of SST training. Supervisors must complete a minimum of 62 hours of training.

    Does my SST card expire?

    All workers and supervisors must take refresher training every 5 years to keep their site safety training card current. Workers must complete 8 hours of refresher training. Supervisors must complete 16 hours of refresher training.


    Already Started Your SST Training?

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