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Why Anxiety and Stress Awareness Training Is Important

Construction worker stress and anxiety training

Why Anxiety and Stress Awareness Training Is Important

The Value of Anxiety and Stress Awareness Training on the Job

From workloads and deadlines to conflicting demands and a lack of social support, there are a host of potential stress factors found in the workplace that may affect an individual’s mental health. Aside from impacts on their wellbeing, the risk factors of stress could even lead to high blood pressure, insomnia, and more. Here, ClickSafety explains the importance of on-the-job training for recognizing anxiety and stress, as well as how employees and employers can counteract these conditions and create a safer, healthier workplace.

Anxiety and Stress Impacts Mental Health in the Workplace

Regardless of their industry, many workers, supervisors, managers, and other professionals are likely to encounter circumstances on the job that may negatively affect their mental health. This often results in stress, which is a state of emotional or mental strain due to adverse situations, as well as anxiety, which is the body’s reaction to stressful or dangerous conditions.

Mental health conditions like these are often highly manageable and even curable with the right resources. However, leaving them unaddressed not only affects the individual’s wellbeing but also their colleagues and company as a whole. Mentally healthy staffers and management teams are vital to a workplace for several reasons, including the following:

  • Safety: Lethargy and difficulty concentrating are just two of the side effects of mental distress. If even one member of a crew is experiencing these symptoms, the entire team’s safety could be at risk – especially in physically demanding occupations like construction.

  • Productivity: Happy employees are typically more productive. However, stress and anxiety sometimes cause a lack of motivation, absenteeism, and other behaviors that can prevent a company from reaching production goals.

  • Risk management: For human resources departments, the mental health of everyone in the company also pertains to risk management and influences policies, procedures, and more.

The link between mental health and the workplace is further demonstrated by statistics from the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC). Its study, Suicide Rates by Major Occupational Group – 17 States, 2012 and 2015, found that the construction and extraction industries saw the largest percentage of male suicides in both 2012 and 2015, with a 22% increase from 2012-2015. In 2020, the CDC updated the report and confirmed that construction and extraction still see the highest number of male suicides, suggesting that mental health issues are more prominent in high-risk workplaces.

How Anxiety and Stress Awareness Training Can Help

Because mental distress can elevate the risk of workplace accidents and hinder productivity, ClickSafety recommends that all professionals partake in on-the-job mental health and safety training. For this purpose, ClickSafety offers a course called Anxiety and Stress Awareness. It helps participants identify the root causes of their stress and anxiety while teaching the warning signs of mental distress, coping skills, and much more. Perfect for professionals at all levels within the workplace, the course specifically covers the following:

  • The science behind stress and how one reacts to and perceives it in the workplace

  • Stress management tips, including strategies to relax and recharge

  • Techniques for strengthening emotional resilience

  • Forming a customizable Resiliency Action Plan

Learn More or Register Today

Thanks to ClickSafety’s Anxiety and Stress Awareness course, individuals and employers can better recognize stress and anxiety in the workplace. This awareness also leads to positive changes in a company’s risk management plans, ensuring policies are put into place that will benefit everyone’s mental health. To learn more or register for Anxiety and Stress Awareness, contact ClickSafety today.

October 22, 2020