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'Tis the Season for Safety Hazards

'Tis the Season for Safety Hazards

'Tis the Season for Safety Hazards

How to use your workplace safety training to navigate the holiday season.



By incorporating workplace safety training principles into your holiday activities, you can reduce the risk of accidents and ensure a joyous and safe celebration for all involved.



Now that you know the risks, here are some best practices to apply workplace safety training to holiday activities:

1.  Risk Assessment: 

a.  Identify potential risks associated with holiday activities, such as cooking, decorating, or travel.  Determine potential hazards.

2.  Plan and Prepare: 

a.  Develop a safety plan for each holiday activity. 

b.  Ensure everyone involved is aware of the safety plan and their roles. 

c.  Make sure you have the necessary safety equipment and first-aid supplies on hand. 

3.  Communication: 

a.  Communicate safety guidelines and procedures to all participants. 

b.  Encourage open communication so anyone can report safety concerns. 

4.  Training: 

a.  Provide training and guidance on specific tasks. 

b.  Ensure everyone knows how to use equipment and tools safely. 

5.  Post-Event Evaluation: 

a.  After the holiday activity, conduct a safety evaluation to identify what went well and areas for improvement. 

b.  Make adjustments to safety plans based on the safety evaluation. 


Remember that safety is a shared responsibility, and it's essential to involve all participants in maintaining a safe holiday environment.

December 7, 2023

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Ronald DeJong
December 21, 2023
People who decorate with holiday lighting should always use Ground Fault Protective devices ahead of their lighting strands, inside or outside the home. Electrocution hazards increase during the holiday seasons and kill more people than any other time of year.