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100 Questions and Answers on Electrical Safety for General Industry

    100 Questions and Answers on Electrical Safety for General Industry

    Course Overview

    100 Questions on Electrical Safety for General Industry is an intermediate online course that tests your knowledge in a wide variety of areas of working safely with electricity. The course will provide questions for you to review, with answers, and you will take a quiz at the conclusion of the course to ensure your safety success.

    Intended Audience

    100 Questions on Electrical Safety is designed for construction workers and managers who are responsible for working with electricity safely in the workplace.

    • Construction Managers
    • Construction Supervisors
    • Construction Workers

    Learning Objectives

    This online safety training course provides an in-depth look at electrical safety by breaking down key terms. The 100 questions on electrical safety training are broken down so that you can focus on the key terms and definitions for better understanding.

    Electrical Safety Question Topics

    • 100 Questions on Electrical Safety: 1-15
    • Safety Standards: 16-23
    • Hazard and Risk Analysis: 24-27
    • Personal Protective Equipment: 28-40
    • Safety Grounds: 41-43
    • Approach Boundaries: 44-47
    • Safety Equipment: 48-55
    • Arc Flash and Arc Fault: 56-70
    • Lockout and Tagout (LOTO): 71-78
    • Checking for Absence of Voltage: 79-82
    • Electrical Safety Definitions: 83-100

    Features and Benefits

    ClickSafety’s 100 Questions on Electrical Safety training online course features 100 questions and answers to test your knowledge of working with and around electrical energy safely. When you have successfully completed this course, you will:

    • Understand electrical safety programs
    • Know the importance of auditing
    • Know why table notes in consensus standards are vital
    • Know the process to identify hazards and quantify the likelihood of incidents or injuries
    • Understand that regular work site inspections by a competent person
    • Know the hazard/risk analysis is a mathematical formula invented by OSHA
    • Know the definition of electrical PPE and FR clothing
    • Understand the importance and proper use of PPE
    • Select and promote the use of correct PPE while on the job
    • Define and describe safety grounds, know why they are needed and how to properly use and select safety grounds
    • Define, describe and understand the importance of approach boundaries
    • Understand the difference between shock boundary and a flash protection boundary
    • Know the proper selection, use, and testing of the electrical equipment
    • Follow OSHA standards to ensure your safety
    • Know the definition of arch flash and arc fault
    • Know how to determine when you are at risk of exposure
    • Know how to protect yourself if you are exposed
    • Know the difference between ac and dc circuit
    • Be aware of the most common causes of arc fault
    • Know the key terms regarding lockout/tagout (LOTO)
    • Know when they should be used
    • Understand the definition of lockout/tagout (LOTO)
    • Know how checking for absence of voltage differs from measuring voltage
    • Know the proper testing method
    • Understand the importance, use, and selection of voltmeters
    • Have a better understanding of the definitions in this course
    • Review these terms and definitions for better understanding
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