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Cal Personal Protective Equipment Awareness

    Cal Personal Protective Equipment Awareness

    Course Overview

    Cal Personal Protective Equipment Awareness is an introductory online safety course that offers California-specific guidelines about which personal protective equipment is required to perform a given task, including hard hats and their classifications, protective eye wear, hearing protection, protective gloves, footwear and clothing. This course focuses on information to protect employees from work-related illness and injury. You will learn how to inspect equipment for defects and to determine when the equipment needs to be replaced.

    Intended Audience

    This Cal PPE Awareness course is designed for California construction workers and managers who are responsible for the safety of their job site according to Cal/OSHA regulations.

    • California-based Construction Foremen
    • California-based Construction Supervisors
    • California-based Construction Workers

    Learning Objectives

    In this online training, we will review how to determine which PPE is required to perform a task on your job site and why you need to inspect and replace equipment when needed. You will also be informed of Cal/OSHA legal requirements for ensuring safety to the highest possible standard in the workplace. When finished with this course, we will have familiarized you with the importance of wearing personal protective equipment properly.

    Course Topics

    • Overview of California-specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Introduction to PPE
    • Protect Your Head
    • Protect Your Body
    • Work Over Water
    • Final Considerations


    • PPE Awareness
    • California Personal Protective Equipment
    • Cal/OSHA

    Features and Benefits

    By taking ClickSafety’s Cal PPE Awareness online course, you will be provided with information about new safety procedures and changing regulations regarding California and Federal PPE guidelines. After successfully finishing this course, you will:

    • Have access to personal protective equipment safety tips
    • Understand how to protect employees from work-related illness and injury
    • Be informed on what personal protective equipment is required to perform a task, how to inspect the equipment for defects and how to determine when equipment needs to be replaced
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