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Fire Prevention Awareness for Construction

    Fire Prevention Awareness for Construction

    Course Overview

    In this introductory Fire Prevention online safety course, you can expect to learn the fundamentals of fire prevention safety. Neglecting to follow fire prevention safety tips could result in structural damage, job delays and even death. This course, in addition to other fire prevention classes, will equip you with the necessary guidelines and procedures aimed at promoting fire safety within the workplace.

    Intended Audience

    This fire prevention course is intended for all workers.

    Learning Objectives

    The Fire Prevention Awareness online safety course will cover basic understanding of fire risks and the key elements for preventing them from occurring in the work environment. Specifically, each section will communicate different fire prevention safety tips, such as steps to control fires, knowing how to read all fire extinguisher labels for proper usage and where to locate fire extinguishers in case of a fire.

    Course Topics

    • Introduction to Fire Prevention
    • Common Construction Fire Causes
    • Steps to Control Fires
    • Fire Extinguishers
      • Labels
      • Placement- Visible and Accessible
      • Know How to Use One!
      • Final Considerations


    • Specialized Halon Extinguishers
    • PASS
    • Class A Fire Extinguisher
    • Class B Fire Extinguisher
    • Class C Fire Extinguisher
    • Class D Fire Extinguisher
    • Class ABC Fire Extinguisher
    • Class BC Fire Extinguisher

    Features and Benefits

    By taking this Fire Prevention online safety course, you will be able to prevent fires and be better prepared in case of an outbreak within the workplace. By following the fire safety guidelines discussed in this module, you will:

    • Understand the basics in fire prevention
    • Be able to assess fire risks
    • Take control of small fires
    • Have knowledge on how and when to use a specific fire extinguisher
    • Know how to report and evacuate in case of a fire outbreak
    • Possibly be recognized with a fire prevention safety grant

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