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Valley Fever Awareness for All Industries

    Valley Fever Awareness for All Industries

    Valley Fever, or coccidioidomycosis, is an infection caused by breathing in spores from the Coccidioides fungus that lives in soil in certain geographic areas. When soil containing this fungus is disturbed by activities such as civil and general construction, digging, vehicle movements in soil, or by the wind, the fungal spores can get into the air. Valley Fever is most present in the southwestern United States.

    Overview & Objectives

    This course is intended for all employers and employees and especially those in construction and construction related activities at which workers may potentially be exposed to native soils contaminated with the fungus that causes Valley Fever.  This course is also applicable to workers in California who are required to meet the Valley Fever training requirements established in California Assembly Bill 203 (2019-2020).  This course presents the student with basic occupational safety and health considerations surrounding hazard recognition, illness, control strategies, regulatory standards and best management practices related to Valley Fever.

    The student will learn how to:

    • Identify the nature and risk of working in and near potentially contaminated dirt and soils especially in high risk areas with substantial dust disturbance
    • Describe the process and extent of spread of Valley Fever
    • List workers and others at a higher risk of contracting Valley Fever
    • Identify the symptoms of Valley Fever
    • List the precautions to minimize the risk of contracting Valley Fever.
    • List the considerations to follow when exposed to conditions conducive to contracting Valley Fever
    • List the considerations to follow when experiencing Valley Fever symptoms
    • List the importance of early diagnosis and treatment
    • Know that you have resources for regulatory compliance and additional information.

    After completing the course, students will better understand basic occupational safety and health principles and techniques, specific and general regulatory standards and best management practices related to Valley Fever.


    This introductory-level online course is appropriate for all workers and managers, supervisors, and team leaders. Additional courses that may help deal with valley fever include:

    • Respirator Basics for All Industries
    • Filtering Facepiece Respirators Awareness for All Industries
    • Handwashing and Illness Prevention in the Workplace for All Industries

    To determine if Valley Fever Awareness for All Industries is appropriate for your training needs, contact us online or call 800-971-1080.

    Features and Benefits

    Upon completion of Valley Fever Awareness for All Industries, participants will be familiar with the Valley Fever illness, the causative agent, safety risks, regulatory requirements, mitigation measures and resources available regarding Valley Fever.

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