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Managing Mold Issues For Fixed Site Facilities for Supervisors and Managers for Construction

Course ID: MOOD297
Level: Advanced
Duration: 1 Hours 30 Minutes
Language: English

The Managing Mold Issues for Building Construction Management online safety course from ClickSafety is an advanced-level training comprised of three primary modules, including:

  • Mold information and training
  • Mold design and materials
  • Mold maintenance procedures

These three modules combine for an advanced-level course that is part of the Mold Action Plan training series developed by the attendees of the Mold Action Plan in Construction conference. Throughout this course, participants can expect to learn essential mold education to help contractors prevent mold claims, as well as best practices for mold mitigation. Additionally, participants will learn specific guidelines and methods for mold design and materials, as well as basic methods to prevent mold and its growth.

ClickSafety’s Managing Mold Issues for Building Construction Management course familiarizes participants with mold and its role on the jobsite, as well as provides essential knowledge regarding mold identification, how to manage water events, and more. Throughout this course, emphasis is placed on mold maintenance and planning, how to find the right consultants and experts, and how to promote a healthier mold-free work environment. Specific course topics by module include the following:

Mold Information & Training

  • Overview of managing mold issues
  • Preconstruction and design
  • Construction phase
  • Post-construction phase
  • Managing a water event
  • Water damage guidelines
  • Mold remediation
  • Finished remediation and cleanup
  • Checklist for mold remediation
  • Mold prevention plan

Mold Design & Materials

  • Consultants and experts
  • Testing and in-house observation
  • Mockups
  • Early start-up mechanical systems

Mold Maintenance Procedures

  • Maryland IAQ Task Force
  • Construction Mold Maintenance Committee
  • Maintenance checklist

Specific industry terms covered throughout the course include the following:

  • Mold Litigation Prevention Summit
  • S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Indoor Environments Division (IED)
  • A map to avoiding mold litigation
  • Plastic injection mold design
  • HVAC systems
  • O&M elements

The Managing Mold Issues for Building Construction Management course is designed for contractors, building owners, and their representatives who are responsible for performing mold inspections in accordance with OSHA standards. This course will specifically benefit the following:

  • Building construction managers
  • Building construction contractors
  • Building owners & their representatives

If you have any concerns as to whether this course is appropriate for you or your industry, please browse our full selection of Online Courses and Safety Packs, call 800-971-1080, or Contact Us online.

ClickSafety’s Managing Mold Issues for Building Construction Management course is an advanced-level course that teaches what mold is, the hazards surrounding mold, and how to avoid and prevent mold litigation. Upon successful completion of this course and the three individual modules, participants can expect to:

  • Promote mold safety in the workplace
  • Understand and implements water damage and mold remediation guidelines
  • Recognize, evaluate, and control mold and moisture
  • Know the training required for contractors, employees, and owners
  • Know how to select the right consultants and contractors
  • Determine the guidelines for in-house testing and/or observation
  • Understand the need for mockups for most, if not all, construction work
  • Prevent mold by inspecting multiple locations for evidence of water damage
  • Know how to prepare and maintain and checklist of inspections
  • Know how to check the mechanical systems and appliances for mold
  • Understand to check for mold on exterior finishes
  • Know appropriate mold response actions
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