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Cal Trenching and Excavation for Construction

Course ID: CLK0289
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 0 Hours 30 Minutes
Language: English

While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates safety regulations at the federal level, California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), more commonly called Cal/OSHA, often calls for more stringent requirements. This includes regulations that address construction workers engaged in trenching and excavation tasks and those who work on sites where these activities occur. By taking Cal Trenching and Excavation for Construction, California-based construction leadership and workers will learn how to follow relevant safety standards to avoid injuries and fatalities on the job.

NOTE: This course is based on Cal/OSHA 8 CCR 1539 to 1541.1 for all construction workers employed in California. For those working outside California, please consult our other courses designed and based on Federal OSHA regulations.

This CA trenching and excavation training course was designed per the construction safety orders outlined by Cal/OSHA. It addresses important topics including:

  • Relevant terminology
  • Specific excavation requirements of Cal/OSHA standards
  • Soil classification system
  • Protective systems, like support, shield, and other systems, and their requirements
  • Excavation and trenching materials and equipment
  • Installation and removal
  • Excavation and underground utilities

This intermediate-level, online course was designed for members of the construction workforce who must adhere to Cal/OSHA trenching and excavation guidelines, including:

  • Workers
  • Managers
  • Foremen
  • Supervisors

If you have any concerns as to whether this course is appropriate for you or your industry, please browse our full selection of Online Courses and Safety Packs, call 800-971-1080, or Contact Us online.

Upon completion of this course, participants will learn safe work practices for trenching and excavation on California worksites. They will become familiar with excavation requirements, soil classification, protective systems, and specific Cal/OSHA permit requirements. Plus, they will learn to identify and eliminate hazards in the workplace, allowing them to promote a safe work environment for all.

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