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Injury Prevention Around Flatbeds

Course ID: CLK0883
Level: Introductory
Duration: 0 Hours 12 Minutes
Language: English

The Injury Prevention Around Flatbeds course is a training designed to help Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) drivers avoid preventable injuries while working around flatbeds. This comprehensive online training program focuses on recognizing and avoiding risks associated with flatbed trailers, securement devices, and the cargo itself, while promoting the adoption of flatbed fall protection strategies which will help prevent flatbed accidents.

CMV drivers face numerous potential risks and hazards while on the job, and working with flatbed trailers exposes them to even greater dangers. This course aims to equip drivers with the knowledge and skills necessary to mitigate these risks and help with driver injury prevention. Specific topics include the following:

  • Moving around your flatbed
  • Loading & securing your cargo
  • Stopping on the side of the road
  • Unloading your cargo

This course provides CMV drivers with the skills to navigate the unique risks associated with flatbed trailers. By promoting flatbed fall protection strategies, emphasizing proper loading and unloading techniques, and prioritizing driver injury prevention, this training helps ensure the safety and well-being of CMV drivers and those around them.

This course is designed for all working drivers who work around flatbeds.

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Participants who complete the Injury Prevention Around Flatbeds course will be well-equipped to recognize and avoid potential risks associated with moving around, loading, securing, and unloading cargo on flatbed trailers. They will develop driver injury prevention skills with a specific focus on preventing flatbed accidents. They will also have a comprehensive understanding of safe work practices, CSA goals and components, strategies for maintaining low BASIC scores, and the potential consequences of FMCSA interventions.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants can expect to be able to:

  • Recognize and avoid risks and adopt safe work practices.
  • Recognize safety precautions to take while working around flatbed trailers.
  • Explain how to safely load, secure, and unload cargo from a flatbed.
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