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Confined Space Awareness for General Industry

Course ID: MOOD110
Level: Introductory
Duration: 0 Hours 30 Minutes
Language: English

Many members of the general industry workforce are required to perform confined space entry (CSE) for routine maintenance, system repair, and more. When a CSE team enters a permit-required confined space, there can be significant health and safety risks. For this type of job, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and know what to do in the case of an emergency. Designed for general industry workers and employers alike, the Confined Space Awareness for General Industry course provides confined space awareness training so participants can stay safe in the workplace.

This confined space awareness training course is based on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Title 29 CFR 1910.146 standard. It addresses pertinent topics that will help keep you safe during CSE, including:

  • Basics of confined spaces
  • Confined space awareness
  • OSHA’s confined space regulations
  • CSE permit development and implementation
  • Recognition, evaluation, and control of hazards
  • Roles of CSE team members, including entrants, attendants, supervisors, and emergency response and rescue personnel
  • Emergency response and drills
  • Monitoring equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE), and rescue equipment

Confined Space Awareness for General Industry is designed for all members of the general industry workforce who may be required to perform CSE. These may include employees, supervisors, and managers in the following fields:

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Property management
  • General office
  • Trade and transportation
  • Hospitality
  • Retail services

This course is not intended for employees or employers in the field of construction. Alternatively, these professionals can opt to enroll in our  course.

If you have any concerns as to whether this course is appropriate for you or your industry, please browse our full selection of Online Courses and Safety Packs, call 800-971-1080, or Contact Us online.

Upon completion of the Confined Space Awareness for General Industry course, participants will receive training to better prepare them for CSE. Specifically, this course will teach participants about OSHA permit-required confined spaces, including their potentially hazardous or even fatal natures. Along with this, participants will learn why CSE team members are the only people allowed to enter these spaces. They will also become familiar with the planning and equipment this type of work entails.

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